Mental Voice

Mental Voice
Mental Voice
Mental Voice
Mental Voice
Mental Voice
Mental Voice
Mental Voice
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A New Mind Hacking Device, 

Perform Truly Impossible mind tricks, your audience will never forget this. 

Mental Voice is an advanced bone-conduction device, developed over years of research, used to implant a thought directly into your spectator's head while their eyes and ears are closed. 

Any mp3 audio track or recorded Voice can be secretly played directly into your spectator's head with no detection of the source. The start and stop of the playback is under your control the entire time.  

Imagine what you can do with this entirely new power. It can be performed finger palmed (it's as small as a coin).  While in finger palm the device can automatically start playback the moment it is turned on or a particular audio track can be selected on the fly with the push of a button.  


  1. Easy to palm – it is as small as a Morgan dollar.
  2. Beast battery – one charge will last for a month of use.
  3. Unbelievably realistic (thought) sound quality. Your spectator will feel as if the sound is of his own thoughts or the voice of God himself! Precision-engineered components ensure reliability and unrivaled performance.
  4. Super silent – nobody apart from the spectator will hear anything. No sound leakage.
  5. Fully self-contained with in-built memory. No assistant, no phone required. Always ready to perform in a moment’s notice.
  6. Totally customizable with as many .mp3 audios as you want.
  7. You start and end clean, every time, with absolutely nothing to be discovered.
  8. Covered under a comprehensive warranty with a unique warranty code provided with each unit.
  9. You get direct email access to the creators where you can clarify all your technical and performance-related questions.
  10. TV rights included!

Routines you can perform 

  1. Two spectator telepathy
  2. As a tool to force thoughts
  3. Over-the-call telepathy
  4. Clairvoyance demonstrations
  5. Routines combined with PK touches

Very easy to use.

comes with a Bonus video of teaching when you buy from NMS

Bonus Video – Nikhils Magic is Providing a special in-depth Teaching Video with advanced operation techniques and multiple routine ideas, we have gathered knowledge of bone conduction devices from many magicians who have used them over the years. and we have explained the best of the best techniques in this video. 

comes with warranty

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