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Broadway Mark Deck (Red)

Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
Broadway Mark Deck (Red)
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Best marked deck- clever and easy to read!

FINALLY- an EASY TO READ deck for the magician at any skill level!

The Broadway Marked Deck is a clever & Simple, now in poker size version.

If you've tried to read other decks but had trouble- TRY THESE! 

Once you know the secret, your reading will be FAST AND ACCURATE.

What wonderful magic tricks you can do with a marked deck!
Even if you don't know any sleight of hand with cards, you can do amazing card tricks with this deck- simply because you will always know what each and every card is- without having to see the face!

There are hundreds of card tricks you can do if you have a marked deck.
Simply put, whatever card your spectator chooses, you'll know what it is.
For example, if a chosen card is put back into the deck, you'll be able to locate it just by looking at the backs of the cards.

Also, by reading the mark on the back, you'll always know if your trick is going "as planned".
You'll never be surprised by turning over a card at the end of the trick, only to discover- too late!- that you had miscounted or done something wrong.

Knowledge is power, and you will always be in control with this deck!

These Broadway decks are not sealed with cellophane or any other wrapping. Marking system explained on box wrapping sleeve. also, These cards are NOT AIR CUSHION.

comes single deck, Made in India. 

Special Offer buys 12 or more decks and get 20% off  

just add 12 or more decks in cart discount will get applied automatically. 



SizePoker size playing card

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