Billet Forcing Box

Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
Billet Forcing Box
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Time for a ‘change’? Predict, switch, restore and more!

A wonderfully useful magic prop.

'I've never owned a billet box before and took the plunge on this due to the price and I wasn't disappointed. Its the perfect size for my business cards and the ideas are flowing already!' 

Matthew Townsend

Ask a dozen members of your audience or congregation to write down their favourite actor, city or Biblical Character on a slip of paper and drop it into this wooden box.  Then you invite a spectator to reach inside and remove ANY slip.

It matches your prediction perfectly!

You can use this wooden wonder to force a favourite song or bible verse or celebrity. 

Then you reveal the 'randomly selected' name, song or number in any one of a dozen impressive ways. Image length of wall paper is unrolled across the stage with the prediction on. It could appear inside an orange or in a sealed envelope that has been posted to a member of the audience a week before.

This is just one of the countless ways to use this little wooden wonder! 

But it’s not just slips of paper. Basically, the box can switch any small objects that will fit inside.

wooden Wonder Box can be used in 101 different effects.

Bring a smile to your audience with this wooden wonder box!

Few Ideas Below

Plastic Fantastic -You could use plastic poker chips, buttons or force the colour of a plastic counter – available cheaply in bulk on amazon.

Banking on it! - Banknotes can also be easily folded and used with the box. You could secretly switch notes in order to predict a serial number, turn two Rs.10 notes into Rs. 20.

Coining it in - After a coin routine such as Miser’s Routine, drop a few coins into the box – calling it your money box – then drop into a few cocoa beans and some gold foil. Hey presto…chocolate coins! You could then hand them out (check for nut allergies first).

  • Beautiful wooden box
  • Easy-to-do amazing magic
  • Cleverly gimmicked prop

Use with coins, banknotes, playing cards, post-it notes, poker chips, coloured counters and more. 

Countless possibilities, limited only by your imagination

You will receive Gimmicked wooden box 5.7″ x 3.1″ x 3.5″, Basic instructions and ideas for use.


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