Ring To Wallet ( Large )

Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
Ring To Wallet ( Large )
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This is the one of the best wallets on the market and the wallet. 

The envelopes fit neatly inside the wallet and objects are loading into them from an opening hidden behind a pocket in the back.

This wallet is perfect for 'object to envelope' routines. like a signed card, coin, or borrowed ring can instantly be loaded into an envelope, inside the wallet without suspicion.

So here's the effect, imagine you borrow a ring, or coin, or use a signed card, you either vanish the coin or ring or lose the signed card into the packet.

You then remove your wallet from your jacket or trouser pocket; Place the wallet on the spectator's hands, open it up, slowly unzip the pocket inside, reach in with your fingertips, and pull out an envelope. You then give this envelope to the spectator who examines it to make sure it is truly sealed.

The spectator then opens the envelope to reveal their ring or signed coin or card.

You've just performed a miracle in their eyes. This is without doubt one of the strongest effects in magic!

With a bit of practice, the wallet can also be loaded whilst picking it up from the floor or table or even whilst in the spectator's hands. Making for an even more impossible effect.

The wallet also has a 'no palm' feature, allowing you to load a card directly into a zip pocket inside the wallet, without having to palm a card. This same no-palm feature can also be used as a peek method as well as a great way to add a stack of cards to a deck.

Wallet Dimensions are Approximately 170mm x 100mm

what you will get 

1. A good quality leather wallet 

2. Set of 25 Bonsalopes ( you will need rubber cement to seal this ) 

3. Printed & Online Video instruction. 

To get the best results use Rubber cement with Bonsalopes ( click here to video product

Note - additional Bonsalopes refill packs separately available for sale which fit this wallet 

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