Magic Tricks at Nikhils Magic Shop

Dye Tube Blendo New
A true classic in magic! Use an unexpected method to change the Four color Silks to Blendo scarf ..
$ 7.04

Sucker Twin Die Box New
A new approach to the classic sucker Die Box, this has several additional features which fool even m..
$ 48.64

Thru Steel Illusion New
Imagine Performing The Most Visual Walk Thru Effect. The most visual walk thru effect on the magi..
$ 301.50

Loaded Dice (Set Of 8) New
e are pleased to offer you a very useful magic accessory - a set of 6 loaded dice (to throw the numb..
$ 6.03

Contraband Playing Cards New
SHIELDED IN GOLD AND BLACK FOIL Designed in the United Kingdom by Joe White, Contraband Play..
$ 14.07

The Trilogy by Dan and Dave New
THE TRILOGY is a full length three DVD set containing over 6 HOURS of card tricks, flouris..
$ 112.56

Bag to Queen Silk New
This is Completely New and funny Routine any kind of plat-form like stage parlor etc. Revised concep..
$ 17.09

Arsy Varsy Bottle by Tora Magic New
The Performer displays a wine bottle, and an empty cylinder which just fits over the bottle. The ..
$ 27.14

Production Umbrella Rainbow Deluxe New
A super umbrella production is always impressive. Produce anytime throughout your act. This is Pr..
$ 13.07

Aqua Change Vase New
The Aqua Change Vase can do SO MANY things! Change milk into confetti! Colored liquid becomes a colo..
$ 7.64

This is Utility prop can be used like famous trick changing bag, but in this version you can change ..
$ 13.07

If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading..
$ 98.49

The greatest packet trick of all time. 3 climaxes build to a jaw-dropping finish. Twisted Sisters..
$ 19.60

"Darryl has added a moment of casualness that has elevated the effect 200%" - Alan Ackerm..
$ 32.66

Fanning and Manipulation Cards This is special manipulating cards, extra thin Skin Colored back, ..
$ 5.23